About me

I’m a research scientist and project lead at Naver Labs Europe.

I’m broadly passionate about machine learning and in particular about its applications to computer vision problems. The main research directions I’m currently exploring are in the context of explainable AI, continual learning and model reliability.

Before joining NLE, I was a Ph.D. student (2015-2018) and postdoc (2018-2019) at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia. During my studies, I also spent some time at Stanford Vision and Learning Lab and University College Cork.

Feel free to drop me an email.


  • Paper accepted to CoLLAs 2023: “RaSP: Relation-aware Semantic Prior for Weakly Supervised Incremental Segmentation”. [Paper, Code]

  • We’ll have a tutorial at ICCV 2023: “Visual Recognition Beyond the Comfort Zone: Adapting to Unseen Concepts on the Fly”. See you in Paris.

  • We’ll present a paper at CVPR 2023: “Reliability in Semantic Segmentation: Are We on the Right Track?”. See you in Vancouver. [Paper, Code]

  • We’ve published a book: “Semantic Image Segmentation: Two Decades of Research”. [PDF, Publisher website]